Drum Heroes

lanjut dari postingan gue tentang drum, disitu ada 10 Drum Heroes dan disini gue bakal ngejelasin/memberi alasan kenapa mereka bisa jadi Drum Heroes gue


1. Steve Smith : well, he’s truly the one and only, once i a million years.. his hands, feet and brain are awesome! i always consider him as the greatest drummer in the world, he can play Jazz, Rock, Blues, and others genre….


2. Peter Erskine : Weather Report, Jaco Pastorious, Diana Krall, and the list goes on and on and on…. nice grooves, traditional grip, nice man…


3. Vinnie Colaiuta : play in bands, recording artist, session player, the most expensive drummer in L.A :p, hand and foot single strokes… ask him to play, no matter what genre are you playing, his groove still awesome


4. Jeff Hamilton : so Jazzy, great brush player, awesome musician, handsome :p, he’s so swinging…


5. Teddy Campbell : his groove super awesome! his hi-hat works so nicely….


6. Akira Jimbo : freak! his Independent super! he’s really a solo player, he made all sound by himself…


7. Buddy Rich : at his time 1930’s.. i wonder how he can do all that stuffs? one of the fastest drummer i ever know…. Legend to the world of Drum…


8. Louie Bellson : invetor of double bass drum… awesome skill of drumming…


9. Dave Weckl : great hands technique awesome when he plays Latin….


10. Carter Beauford : just listen to Dave Matthews Band, and you’ll know why i love him!


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